2014 – New concept for recent Bond

The goal is: ‘The first James Bond movie’, a kind of ‘What If’ for recent Bond movies… I just wanted to pay hommage to the original posters by bringing a ‘modern » touch ;-)

2014 – New Concept posters

The goal is: ‘The first James Bond movie’, a kind of ‘What If? (except for Dr No, of course)…I just wanted to pay hommage to the original posters by bringing a ‘modern » touch ;-)

‘Bond 24′ – New teaser posters

A break with ‘Twine » to wish ALL a happy and beautiful new year witj that ‘Bond 24′ new teaser poster. Are Sam Mendes and Paul Hogan back? Can they do better than ‘Skyfall’. Don’t know, just expecting… Regarding tne second poster, I’ve discovered some days ago an incredible poster in the ’007 Forever’ group, posted by Juan Antonio Olalla Gómez (Go to my Facebook page to see it). End of ’60 and early ’70, a period I really love. So I’ve just wanted to pay hommage to it with that new creation. I hope you will enjoy it :-)

‘The World Is Not Enough’ – New 2013 teaser posters

‘TWINE’. First start, no love and sex. Wait for the next. Just an hommage to Daneil Kleinman, talented successor of Maurice Binder. More digital, I agree, but what he have done with ‘GoldenEye’, ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Skyfall’ is quite incredible and so Bondian. So just an hommage to that man. « TWINE » second poster. Digital graphic times, now. And interesting concept teaser posters all rejected. Final choice was the burning girl: a fine idea but a poor rendering for me, very flat and boring. So, for that new year I’ve tried to pay hommage to those « concept posters » with my 2nd teaser poster.

‘Diamonds Are Forever’ – New 2013 teaser poster

A new poster for the new year Enjoy ;-)

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever teaser poster 2013

‘Tomorrow Nerver Dies’ – New 2013 teaser posters

Okay. « GoldenEye » aka my Brosnan’s favorite + a Famke Janseen obsession (sexual? I prefer to keep that confidential…). So, let jump to « Tomorrow Nerver Dies ». I want Bond back with elegance, romance, sex and violence! So I’ve tried this and share it with you with both teaser posters AND a full one. Enjoy :-)

‘GoldenEye » – New 2013 teaser posters

OK let start now with « GoldenEye » 2013 peaser posters. My new choise: seduction, sex and danger. Wzll this is my favorite Brosnan Bond movie. With an amazing Famke Janssen (Xenia OnATop)… Tried to deliver a very new Bond. And of course, we all remember and cherish the Aston Martin DB5. « Goldfinger » first appareance. Then « The Living Daylights » early promotionnal teaser poster. And « GoldenEye », « Casino Royale » and « Skyfall ». At last,  an hommage to the beautiful, crazy and dangerous Famke Janssen-Xenia.